Regional Choices and Costs for Going Green

If you want to live a greener lifestyle you have to take a look at where you live and at what options are available. For instance, say that you live in New Mexico. That state has some of the highest temperatures, but also some of the most dependable sunlight, which would make solar panels the ideal solution for a person that wanted to increase their ecological friendliness. However, say that someone lived up in Washington State. There won’t be near as much sunlight, and there will be a lot more rain, but if you’re near the coast there will also be a great deal of wind. This can make windmills a very good investment for green energy.

Of course going green isn’t cheap, or everyone would do it. There are equipment costs, setup costs, and you have to work with your local utility company so that any unused power can be put back into the local grid. However, the savings in energy costs, and the knowledge that if you produce more energy than you use that you’ll be paid by the local energy company, can make the investment seem worth it from a purely financial perspective. Ecologically, it helps everyone.

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